Delcevo – Macedonia, Europe



Delčevo (Macedonian: Делчево)is a small town in the eastern mountainous part of the Republic of Macedonia. It is the municipalseat of the eponymous municipality. The town is named afterrevolutionary Goce Delčev.
Thetown of Delčevo is situated at the foot of Mount Golak on both banks of theriver Bregalnica,164 km (102 mi) to the east of Skopje. It is thebiggest settlement in the Pianec region which covers an area of 585 km2(226 sq mi), between Mount Osogovo to the north and Mount Maleš to the south. Thetown lies at 590 m (1,936 ft) to 640 metres (2,100 ft) above sealevel. Delčevo has a good geographical position and good traffic connections.All rural settlements and recreations centred around Golak are connected withthe town of Delčevo by good asphalt roads of local and regional types. Golak’sTourist Center is located 10 km (6 mi) south of Delcevo at 1,300 m(4,270 ft) height above sea level, under the Chavka peak (1358 m) of themountain Golak. The distinctive Recreation Center was built in 1981 and has 5apartments, 8 hotel rooms and a restaurant with 170 seats as its own terens forsmall football, basketball and volleyball.
Delčevo was first mentioned in a charter of SerbianEmperor Stefan Dušan in the 14th century.
The town has changed its name several times. During the Ottomanperiod it was visited by a Sultan personally. A large number of Christianpeople converted to Islam,and at that time the town was called “Sultania” or “Sultaniye”.The Islamised Christian population hadn’t learned the Turkishlanguage and they renamed Sultania into their own language, Tsarevo Selo(Tsar’s village).One year before Sultan Mehmed II, the Turkish travel writer EvlijaCelebija had passed there and wrote: “After Vinica we climbedupon Kocani mountain meadow and after 4 hours walking along the ravine, wearrived in Tsarevo Selo. This is a Muslim village and it lays in the mountainornamented with 100 houses and one marvelous mosque with minaret”.
The town has borne its present name Delčevo since 1950, inhonour of the celebrated revolutionary and ideologist GotseDelchev who had often visited the place while he was teaching in thevillage of Novo Selo, near Štip.
After the Russo-Turkish War, 1877–1878 much ofthe Christian population left for Bulgariaand Turkishpeople from Asia moved in to take theirplace. There was a second big movement thirty years later during the Balkan wars,but this time with an emigration of much of the Turkish population.
Between the two world wars Delčevo was a small provincialtown of dilapidated houses and a small number of craft shops with narrow muddystreets.
own stadium, swimming pool and sport hall are placed whereDelcevo citizens spend their free time planned for sport and recreation.
Small dams Petrasevec and Sandanski, locatedleft and right of the old road Delcevo – Trabotiviste offer pleasant hoursof resting and sport-fishing
RKC Golak is located only10 km south of Delcevo at 1300 m height above sea level, under the Chavka (1358 m) of the mountain Golak. Recreation center is founded inthe year 1981 and it has 5 apartments, 8 hotel rooms and a restaurant with 170seats as its own terrains for small football, basketball and volleyball.
Many vacation places are built there and weekend houses ofDelcevo companies. The Recreation center is among a 100 year old pine and beechtrees.
Far from town noise, wonderful vegetation, clean fresh airand cold clear mountain water are just what the visitors souls need. In winter,under thick snow cover, Golak offers unforgettable and uniquesights.
here are big number of companies in Delcevo which are intrade – hotel management work (shops,taverns, boutiques) and they are locatedmostly in the town center.
All necessary products from food and industries, as wellas industrial products for mass consumption can be bought there.
Green groceries market is a place where people supplythemselves with agricultural products from local origin, but frommunicipalities of east and center parts of the country too. Current greenmarket doesn’t satisfy the necessities of the people, so there is need ofbuilding a new one.
ZIK”Sandanski”, AD ” Ilinden”and other small restaurants, coffee bars, sandwich bars and so on are bearersof catering services. In their restaurants various specialties are made oftraditional Macedonian kitchen. Well known home made plum brandy. They alsooffer various soft drinks and alcoholic drinks made by Macedonian producers andare world famous trade marks.

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