Sydney – Australia

Sydney is the mostpopulous city in Australia andthe statecapital of New South Wales. Sydney is located onAustralia’s south-east coast of the Tasman Sea. Inhabitants of Sydney are calledSydneysiders, comprising a cosmopolitan and international population of peoplefrom numerous places around the world.
The site of the first British colony in Australia, Sydney was establishedin 1788 at Sydney Cove by Arthur Phillip, commodore of the First Fleet asa penal colony. The city is built on hills surrounding Port Jackson whichis commonly known as Sydney Harbour, where the iconic Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge feature prominently. The hinterland ofthe metropolitan area is surrounded by national parks, and the coastal regionsfeature many bays, rivers, inlets and beaches includingthe famous Bondi Beach. Within the city are many notableparks, including Hyde Park andthe Royal BotanicGardens.
In 2010, Sydney was ranked 7th in Asia and 28th globally foreconomic innovation in the Innovation Cities Top 100 Index by innovation agency2thinknow. Sydney also ranks among the top 10 most liveablecities in the world accordingto MercerHuman Resource Consulting and The Economist.
Sydney has a reputation as an international centre forcommerce, arts, fashion, culture, entertainment, music, education andtourism, making it one of GaWC’s Alpha + world cities. Sydney has hostedmajor international sporting events, including the1938 BritishEmpire Games, the 2000 Summer Olympics,and the final match of the 2003 Rugby World Cup.The main airport serving Sydney is Sydney(Kingsford Smith) Airport.
Sydneyhas a temperateclimate with warm summers andmild winters. Rainfall is spread throughout the year. The weather ismoderated by proximity to the ocean, and more extreme temperatures are recordedin the inland western suburbs. The warmest month is January, with an averageair temperature range at Observatory Hill of 18.6–25.8 °C(65–78 °F). An average of 14.6 days a year have temperatures of more than 30 °C (86.0 °F). Themaximum recorded temperature was 45.3 °C (113.5 °F) on 14 January 1939 atthe end of a four-day heatwave across Australia.
Asa dynamic cultural hub, Sydney has many fine and internationally known museumsand galleries, such as the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art,the White Rabbit Gallery, Brett Whiteley Studio, Museum of Sydney and the PowerhouseMuseum, in addition to a thriving commercial gallery scene ofcontemporary art, mainly in the inner-city areas of Waterloo, Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, Paddington, ChippendaleNewtown and Woollahra.
In the year ending March 2008, Sydney received2.7 million international visitors. Themost well-known attractions include the Sydney Opera House and the SydneyHarbour Bridge. Other attractions include Royal Botanical Gardens, Luna Park, some 40 beaches and Sydney Tower.
Sydney also has several popular museums, such as the AustralianMuseum (naturalhistory and anthropology), the PowerhouseMuseum (science, technologyand design), the Art Gallery of New South Wales, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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