Diaz Beach – South Africa, Africa


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Dramaticallysurrounded by sheer craggy cliffs, Diaz Beach is situated rightat the tip of Cape Point on the western side. It deserves its reputation as oneof the most scenically stunning Cape Town beaches. Access to this beach is down a series ofwooden stairs and only takes about 20 minutes. The climb up can take twice aslong; will probably leave you breathless and sweaty but it is well worth theeffort.
Standingon Diaz Beach gazing at the relentless waves battering the 200 metre cliffs,you will be moved by the sensation of adventure and awesome power of naturethat radiates from this lovely place. On most occasions you’ll have the beachto yourself, occasionally sharing it with troops of baboons and flocks ofseabirds. Swimming on this beach can be dangerous. DiazBeach can produce excellent waves witha North Westerly wind and the right swelldirection. Surfers love it for its big, hollow, closeout barrels. Photographerslove it for its awesome beauty and many moods. Couples love it for romanticbeach walks.
Most visitors to the Cape of Good Hope have their photos taken in front of the sign that declaresthe site to be the southwestern most point of the African continent. Some ridethe funicular up jagged cliffs to see Cape Point Lighthouse and look seaward, towhere the cold west coast Beguela current merges with the warm east coastAgulhus current, imagining the fierce storms that make this such a treacherouspassage. Then they clamber back into their rental cars and tour buses andreturn to Cape Town,happy to say they have been to Cape Point. The few hearty souls who hike thetrails along the precipitous clifftops, or even venture to the edge and lookdown, discover Diaz Beach, a pure white sand jewel tucked between jutting rock arms.
Diazis a great spot for surfing and body boarding, although the waves are not forthe beginner. Heavy barrels are common and there is a fairly severe shorebreak. And it should be said that this is not the place for frolicking in thewater, as heavy currents can carry swimmers out to sea. But the beach isstunning and almost always secluded, aside from the wild baboons who sometimeswander down to the water’s edge. To reach Diaz Beach, travel south from Cape Town to the Cape Point section of Table MountainNational Park (formerly Cape Peninsula National Park). Take Cape Point Road allthe way to the end to the parking lot, then follow the path on the right handside all the way down to the beach. The walk takes about 20 minutes down and30-40 minutes up, but is well worth the effort for the spectacular views alongthe way and a fun day of sun worshiping.

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