Bondi beach – Australia


One more interesting places in Sydney, Australia is Bondi beach. It is one of popular beaches in Australia. If you visit to Australia, especially Sidney, you must visit to Bondi beach. The beach is located in the local government area of Waverlay Council, approximately 7 kilometers from the center of Sidney, the capital city of Australia. The beach only has an area of 1 kilometer long, but Bondi beach is very beautiful with fine white sand and azure blue sea. The beach is backed by attractive parkland where you can relax, play games or just walk around. Surfing is the most popular activity at Bondi beach.Besides famous by best spot for surfing, the beach is also popular by its great sandy beach and modern coastal resort. Bondi beach can be reached by bus, you can also get the train to Bondi Junction. The road along the beach crowded with shops which sell beach sport equipments, among the shops tucked cafes and restaurants. Before reaching the beach, visitors have to cross the vast garden and gazebo that common used for picnic.Swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna are several facilities that can be used by visitors. The beach is also has been signed on the list of Australian National Heritage since 2008.”Bondi” or “Boondi” is an Aboriginal word meaning water breaking over rocks or noise of water breaking over rocks.The Australian Museum records that Bondi means place where a flight of nullas took place.
In 1809, the road builder William Roberts received a grant of land in the area.In 1851, Edward Smith Hall and Francis O’Brien purchased 200 acres (0.81 km2) of the Bondi area that included most of the beach frontage, which was named the “The Bondi Estate”.Bondi Beach is the end point of the City to Surf Fun Run which is held each year in August. The race attracts over 63,000 entrants who complete the 14 km run from the central business district of Sydney to Bondi Beach. Other annual activities at Bondi Beach include Flickerfest, Australia’s premier international short film festival in January, World Environment Day [14] in June, and Sculpture By The Sea in November. In addition to many activities, the Bondi Beach Markets is open every Sunday. Many Irish and British tourists spend Christmas Day at the beach.
An Oceanway connects Bondi to South Head to the north and other beaches to the south up to Coogee.
Bondi Beach hosted the beach volleyball competition at the 2000 Summer Olympics.[15] A temporary 10,000-seat stadium, a much smaller stadium, 2 warm-up courts, and 3 training courts were set up to host the tournament.


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