Trinity beach – Australia

The best time to visit Trinity beach is during Cairn’s green season from January to April, when temperatures are as high 30 degrees Celsius and the environment is in its full tropical bloom. During the dry season from May to December temperatures are normally a notch lower than those during the green season, but the climate is still warm and the sceneries great nevertheless. The tropical summer season extends from November to April, and is known as the ‘Wet’. Tropical downpours are common late afternoons and overnight, sometimes with dramatic lightning displays. Note: This beach has a stinger net during the stinger season. When the stinger net is in place, please only swim inside its protective barriers. It turned out to be a perfect holiday, with good weather, great location and superb accommodation! We made good use of the pool with the temp being around 29 degrees each day. You will be pleased with our service, accommodations and affordable rates. We hope that you’ll find the right accommodation to meet your travel plans. Trinity Beach is now a sought after resort destination with four and five-star comfort as well as a range of budget accommodation and camping grounds, and is an ideal place from which to explore the tropical north. We provide no-prepayment booking possibility for accommodation and lodging in Trinity Beach hotels, apartments, hostels and motels. You can book cheapest hotels in Trinity Beach with low prices, as well as the best and luxury hotels with competitive rates. You can choose from the luxury resorts, 5 star hotels or even budget accommodation as per your budget. So look no further.


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