Rovinj – Croatia, Europe

Rovinj is on of the most romantic towns on the Adriatic coast. Rovinj has a unique blend of urban and fishing settlement architecture, numerous bars and restaurants and we highly reccommend it as a romantic short or weekend getaway.
Gustinja cove, RovinjTo the south side of busy harbour in Rovinj, there is Zlatni Rt – Punta Corrente parkland, with many meandering romantic paths through forests to rocky and pebble beaches. Well-kept paths, suitable for cycling as well, go all the way to Palud orinthologic reserve 7km south of Rovinj. In this part you will also find large number of swimming beaches. The beaches in western part of this area are very frequented. To find more privacy and less people, take the road to the tip of Skaraba Cape where you will find a beautiful beach with flat stones suitable for sunbathing.
In the well-indented coastal area with a number of small bays, hidden within dense vegetation, you will often come across naturists. Although the beaches are not specified as naturist, many people choose to enjoy the sea and the sun in this way with a reserved toleration of other swimmers.
Excellent Rovinj beache guide can be found here.
Valalta FKKRomantic couples seeking an all naturist holiday, can stay in Valalta naturist resort (apartments, camping). Valalta is situated 8 km north of Rovinj’s center. The picturesque coastline consists of two miles of rock, sand and pebble beaches, including some romantic coves.


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