Telascica – Croatia, Europe

Dugi Otok is the biggest island of Zadar’s archipelago, 50km long and about 5km wide. It is quite distant from the coast – one hour and a half by ferry from Zadar and it remains one of those few places where you can enjoy tranquillity even in high season, ideal for tourists that will appreciate the peace and the natural beauties. 
Island Dugi Otok beaches are different from one area to another; in the zone of Sali there are mainly rocks and cliff with a part of terraces under the hotel side and pinewood. There are also some sandy beaches achievable only with ships and one beautiful beach of white sand (Saharun) in the southern part of island achievable also with car. Nudism is practiced almost everywhere except the beaches near by villages. 
Its main town, Sali, is a attractive fishing town with a summer cultural events and festival. 
Natural park Telascica Bay is within biking distance from Sali. It is a 10km deep inlet dotted with bays, islets and cliffs. A spectacular saltwater lake lies next to the bay – the water is warm and said to be curative, and you can swim there. You can enjoy the wildlife that abounds there, from pine to fig to olive to moufflon (a kind of wild sheep). Although the park is not commercialised, there are facilities for tourists providing fresh fish and local wine. Hidden paradise indeed.


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