Amos – Turkey, Asia


The ancient ruins of Amos, located within Kumlu Buku Bay, attract charter yacht visitors with its beautiful landscape and archaeological remains. The ruins run on top of a bluff above the beach and include 4th century BCE walls, inscribed blocks, an altar to Dionysus, a shattered acropolis, temple and amphitheatre. The hike is somewhat strenuous but those who attempt it will be rewarded by a stunning, panoramic view of the bay. On the beach is the Hotel Dionysus which offers dining and another restaurant with superb ice cream crepes. Hidden between the resorts of Turunc and Kumlubuk on the Bozburun peninsula, Amos is a small cove tucked between two headlands.  It’s a bit rough and ready and the pebbles are scattered with ancient wooden loungers, but there is an unspoilt beauty that makes a stark contrast to the bling and bright lights of Marmaris, which lies across the bay.  Amos was once a sizeable Roman settlement and there are some remains, including a small amphitheatre with breathtaking views.  Better still, there’s an excellent restaurant right on the beach, serving up fresh fish and meze.


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