Butterfly Valley – Turkey, Asia

Spectacularlysituated between two towering cliffs, Butterfly valley stretches out in av-shape, ending in a sweep of pristine beach. Most visitors access the beach byboat from Olu Deniz or Fethiye, but for adventurous trekkers there is a rockypath that leads down from the road (around 40 mins down and an hour backup). There is no electricity, roads or buildings in the valley butcamping is allowed and there are shelters in the trees. Alternatively, stay inthe peaceful hamlet of Faralya and gaze down to the beach, hundreds of feetbelow.Butterfly Valley is a great day trip from Oludeniz. It ishome to the unique Jersey Tiger butterfly. Between June and September,butterflies in thousands of colours and countless varieties can be seen here.This valley is aninteresting canyon with steep cliffs up to 350 meters high and stretches backfrom the cove some 3-4 kilometers. To get to Butterfly Valley, you can take aboat from either Oludeniz or Fethiye. Taxiboats leave from Ölüdeniz three times a day in both directions – an alternativefor the adventurous and well-shod hiker is to follow the steep and rocky slopedown from the upper rim of the valley, following the footpath from in front of”George House,” on the road to Faralya/Kabak (gauge about 30 min.).Butterfly Valley with it`s untouched nature, most amazingbeach and basic facilities (no electricity, tv or any earthly possesions) -only a small restaurant and simple beach huts – is a total relaxationdestination.

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