Quiberon beach – France, Europe

Quiberon is at the tip of a thin presquîle (peninsula) juttingout into the Atlantic; it has a fabulous beach, and you can relive yourchildhood eating salt water taffy from the boardwalk shops and  freshlymade gauffres (waffles) sprinkledwith powdered sugar. The beach here is long and sandy, with a great swimmingarea and a delightful boardwalk full of beach-resort kind of shops andrestaurants. In addition, while the sandy beach is great for working on yourtan and taking a dip, the Côte Sauvage is just a few kmsaway with rocky coastlines, cliffs and coves that make for some fantastic photoops. Quiberon is a commune in the Morbihan department in Brittany innorth-western France. It is situated on the southern part ofa peninsula of Quiberon, the northern part being the commune of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon.It is primarily known as a seaside resort for the French during summer, and forits history of sardine production. Quiberon has a wide sandy beach calledthe Grande Plage that is ideal for sunbathing and swimming during the warmsummer months. Spanning this beach is also a boardwalk lined with kitschyboutiques, gaufre and crêpe stands, candy shops selling salt water taffyand more. In the summer, the boardwalk and beach are often jam-packed withpeople shopping and soaking up the sun.

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