Ipanema Beach – Brazil, South America

The Ipanema beach is one of the best beaches of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil, and one of the most famous of the world. Immortalized in worldwide well-known song of Tom Jobim, “Garota de Ipanema”, that in fact was based on the beauty of the beach and the grace and the sexuality of the Brazilian women, Ipanema is one of these beaches that not only stand out for his beauty, but also for the adrenaline that surrounds it: many persons, bars, restaurants, movement, exactly the opposite from a beach to find peace and calmness, but the ideal beach to know the Brazilian culture and to make friends. Also, Ipanema is located in an expensive quarter of Rio de Janeiro, reason for being considered to be the beach more “chic” of the “wonderful city”. Ipanema divides his approximately 2 kilometers long, in different sectors like the familiar, the one for lonely girls, the homosexuals part, the sports one, etc.

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