FERNANDO DE NORONHA – Brazil, South America

Fernando de Noronha is a group of 21 volcanic islands 340 miles from Recife, Pernambuco, which was declared National Marine Park since 1988, in order to protect land and marine vegetation as well as land animals and marine life. In fact is difficult to catalogue Fernando de Noronha as a beach, because is a group of islands with many beaches, but we at Brazil Beaches decided to do it because will be unfair to make a ranking of the best beaches in Brazil and not include the most beautiful place in the whole country. The most important island in Fernando de Noronha, who has the same name as the group of islands, has 7.1 square miles and the total population rise to 2,100 inhabitants. Here you can find interesting historic sites to visit, like the ruins of Fort of Sao Pedro, but of course the main attraction at Fernando de Noronha is its islands and beaches. Besides Fernando de Noronha itself you can find other 20 islands and you can divide the beaches in two groups: the ones pointing Brazil (10 beaches and a Dolphin Bay) and the ones pointing Africa (4 beaches, lot of swimming pools and one creek)

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