Copacabana beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The Copacabana beach resort is located in the vibrant and glamorous south zone of Rio de Janeiro with a 4 km strip of golden sands all there to fulfill your dream of a perfect journey.You can try surfing, swimming and even diving Copacobana. For those that prefer the sand rather than the water, the Copacabana beach resort can get you hooked on sand volleyball or a barefeet soccer game, or you can simply enjoy a great icy caipirinha from one of the many beach bars, while admiring the tanned beautiful brazilian girls around.

The city neighborhood, with the same name as the beach, has one of the worlds most dense population per square meter of 25 000, and a mixture of people from all social classes and origins.

You will see million dollars buildings here, with the favela (the brasilian slum cities) hanging above in the hills.

The district is among other things famous for it’s nightlife, Copacabana Palace and of course the Copacabana beach resort it self.

The beach created it’s name in the 1920 when the opening of the most beautiful hotel at the time (and many argue that it is still) the Copacabana Palace hotel.


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