Dubrovnik Beach, Croatia , Europe

The history of Dubrovnik is a fascinating study of the rise of a great maritime power that lived in peace and prosperity for nearly five centuries. Over the next four centuries Ragusa expanded its influence over the coast and became increasingly prosperous by trading with other Mediterranean cities. In 1205 it fell under the control of Venice but it managed to break away in 1358. In December 1991 the world watched in horror as Serbian and Montenegrin gunners trained their artillery on the beautiful, historic city of Dubrovnik. As it was without military value, the only purpose seemed to be to break the morale of the Croatian people by destroying the Adriatic’s most historic city. The shelling of 1991 lasted intermittently until June 1992 and caused substantial damage to the roofs, the marble streets and the Renaissance sculpture. Fortunately UNESCO and other international organizations rushed to the rescue. Teams of skilled workers laboured throughout most of the 1990s and now the treasures of Dubrovnik are beautifully restored.


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