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Quiberon beach – France, Europe

Quiberon is at the tip of a thin presquîle (peninsula) juttingout into the Atlantic; it has a fabulous beach, and you can relive yourchildhood eating salt water taffy from the boardwalk shops and  freshlymade gauffres (waffles) sprinkledwith powdered sugar. The beach here is long and sandy, with a great swimmingarea and a delightful boardwalk full of beach-resort kind of shops andrestaurants. In addition, while the sandy beach is great for working on yourtan and taking a dip, the Côte Sauvage is just a few kmsaway with rocky coastlines, cliffs and coves that make for some fantastic photoops. Read the rest of this entry

The Brittany beach – France, Europe

The Brittany coast is the second-most popular beach destination in France (after the French Riviera, of course). There is a good mixture of white-sand beaches great for sunbathing and swimming as well as rocky coves and dramatic cliffs that make for a rugged and beautiful coastline. There are also many islands off the Brittany coast that are great for hiking as well as getting your tan on. Located on the west coast of France, Brittany has a warm, temperate climate. Rainfall occurs regularly – which has helped keep its countryside green and wooded, but sunny, cloudless days are also common. Airports in Brittany serving destinations in France, Great Britain and Ireland include Brest, Saint-Malo, Lorient, and Rennes.

Utjeha beach – Montenegro, Europe

Many people say that this 800 m long beach is a real treasure because there is a path lined by olive trees going up to the high way and further on. Utjeha beach is famous for its beauty, sunny hours and clean sea water, in which drinking water springs, which mixes with the salt water and creates thus unusual light shades of turquoise. Utjeha Beach is situated between Bar and Ulcinj and consists of rocky pebbles.

The Murici Beach – Montenegro, Europe

The Murici Beach is the biggest one at the Montenegrin part of the Skadar Lake. It is situated beneath the village Donji Murici on the north-west coast of the lake. This sandy beach is 600 m long and 7 m wide, with a shallow sandy bottom that goes far into the lake. There is a well of clean and cold water at the very beach, and a dense forest of old oak and chestnut trees in its background. Murici is a favorite picnic place where tourists can enjoy the specialties of the lake, carp and eel, and the beautiful scenery which is rich with a unique flora and fauna. The Skadar Lake (Skadarsko Jezero) is one of the national parks in Montenegro.

The Red Beach – Montenegro, Europe

TheRed Beach is situated in an inlet between Sutomore and Bar. It was named afterthe extreme red colour of the sand or stone pebbles which cover the beach andthe sea bottom. It is 1,000 m long with a dense pine forest in its background.It is very distinctive because of the unusual harmony of the colors of the sea,red sand and pine forest. It is a favorite bathing beach of the local people.There is a legend which says, that the nymphs of Nereida used to gather at thetop of the high cliff over the beach and comb their hair with coral combs.Their laughter and singing could be heard far away from there, but nobody couldtalk about it, because if they did, they would become mute.

Bar beach – Montenegro, Europe

Thediversity of the mediterranean flora, macchia, pine trees and olive grovesimmediately near the sea and rich wells of spring water make the beaches of Barso special. On some of them you won’t need a sunshade, since the pine treesliterally grow on the foamy waves.

Queen’s beach – Montenegro, Europe

Queen’s beach is situated in the vicinity of Canj, at its very north. This small butattractive beach can be approached only from the sea. It is surronded withsediment cliffs. Because of its environment, fine sand and crystal clear seawater, it was the favorite beach of queen Milena when she was came to vacationat Topolica castle.

Ulcinj – Montenegro, Europe

Thecoast of Ulcinj stretches from the Cape Stari Ulcinj until the estuary of theriver Bojana into the Adriatic Sea, and it is nearly 33 kilometers long. It isdecorated by some twenty bays in its rocky part, the peninsulas Marjan andMendra; the Valdanos beach whose hinterland is called »The Olive Bay«, twosandy beaches – Velika (Large) and Mala (Small) and, as a special attraction,the nature reservation Ada Bojana.
Velika and Mala plaža, Ada Bojana, Valdanos and the beaches along the pineforests are of outstanding beauty. The Ulcinj beaches are the sunniest of thewhole Adriatic coast, and their special ornament is the lush subtropicalvegetation. Because of the coastal configuration, the Ulcinj Riviera offersexcellent conditions for organizing all kinds of sports on the water and on thecoast.

Canj – Montenegro, Europe

ThePearl beach, or Canj, is one of the most beautiful ones on the Montenegrincoast. This beach is divided into two smaller beaches by a mountain cape. It iscovered with layers of fine and colourful sand as for the sea bottom with roundrocky pebbles, after which it was named. The total lengh of both the beaches is1,800 m with the capacity of 9,000 people. There are hotels and rest homes,restaurants and cafes, surrounded by pines and cypresses, as well as otherMediterranean vegetation in its background.

Sutomore – Montenegro, Europe

Thecity beach of Sutomore is in the vicinity of Bar. It is 1,250 m long and theGolden beach, which is 850 m long, is next to it. Both of them are sandy andgolden, which makes this part of the coast extremely beautiful. Being on thebeach alleviates the sufferings of people with rheumatic problems. There arehotels and private apartment-complexes, restaurants and cafes, with the denseforest of pines and cypresses in their background. Three centuries ago Venetiancountesses gladly came here for a swim.